Klär is a start-up company founded by two hockey players and entrepreneurs with one goal: To make hockey more accessible to the world.


We believe that the passion for hockey made us who we are today! We want people from all over the world to be able to experience the same opportunities we had.

Roller hockey is a sport that is growing in South America, not only in size, but also the level of skill, to the point that many teams have won tournaments in North America. However, it has many limitations. As with other developing countries, governments do not want to, or cannot, afford to support these sports. Sadly, with no investment there are no proper facilities where these sports can be practiced. Furthermore, for a large portion of the population affording the necessary equipment is simply not an option.


When you buy any of our products we use part of the money to support our mission. The money could be use to pay for the transportation costs of the donations, sponsor a team or an individual.

We created a program where we try to reallocate hockey gear that isn’t being used. So if you have some hockey gear that you don’t use anymore and would like to give it away, we will find someone that needs it, but doesn’t have resources to buy it.

For the moment this program is only running in Nova Scotia, and in Colombia.